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You may have heard people raving about Bitcoin, the very first cryptocurrency. You can do almost anything with Bitcoin that you do with a regular currency. It can also be exchanged for any traditional currency like USD, EURO, GBP, etc...


To help everyone fund their passions faster, gifts are instantly verified and members are automatically upgraded and paid as they graduate from each level in the platform!

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CryptoGifts is all about working together to build teams and an entire community dedicated to improving the world. Thanks to our members as well as some excellent marketing strategies, CryptoGifts is constantly expanding globally. As you share the opportunity with others, you will see the power of crowdfunding in action, not only as the value of your cryptocurrency grows, but also as you begin to gain access to additional levels of education and further gifting opportunities. Our platform is designed so that the good Karma you put out as you help fund others passions can come back to you in even bigger ways as you help to grow our community.



Are You Getting Excited About How Our Educational Gifting Platform Can Help You Fund Your Passions?

Our high frequency gifting platform provides a combination of cutting edge education, technology, and marketing tools to maximize the potential for each of our community members to be able to successfully fund their passion projects, not only through the gifts they receive through this unique crypto approach to crowdfunding, but also through the knowledge they will gain from the valuable education we will provide about how to capitalize on the different trends within the global cryptocurrency markets.

All members that signup receive a bonus marketing and downloads package valued at BTC 0.00279 just for joining! Look at what's included:


Your Signup Bonuses Valued At BTC 0.0279!

Bitcoin Gold Rush Training

Exclusive Webinars

Exclusive Interviews

Due Diligence Training on ICOs - Scam or Smart Investment


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There's no time like the present to get started. By paying it forward and giving to others, you immediately open yourself up to receiving from others to help fund your own passion projects! Don't let put your dreams on hold, take action today!

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